Archaeological research yields new discoveries:
Trnava, Western Slovak Museum

Josef U R M I N S K Y

keramika keramika keramika keramika
keramika keramika keramika

Ceramic vessels in this culture attract foremost by their painted designs, which were distributed not just from outer side, but also from the inner side of vessels. Dominating was use of red in combination with yellow and white paint. Painted was practically whole assortment of containers, but mostly ceramic with thin walls. Partially were also used engraved ornaments on surface.
Biggest group of finds from research was represented by fragments of bowls with hollow legs, thin walled chalices, low shallow bowls with protrusions and massive pots with handles in variety of shapes. All objects were in fragments and into the ground were put only after debasement, when they stop serving its original purpose. As a significant find may be considered clay fragment of female plastic - Venus with engraved ornament on the neck.

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