Archaeological research yields new discoveries:
Trnava, Western Slovak Museum

Josef U R M I N S K Y

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Stone tools from locale were divided into two groups. First and most numerous groups was group of chipped stone tools. Tools were fashioned from big kernels into the shape of blades and scrapers. As a raw material were used different types of flint and volcanic glass. Last named material, volcanic glass - obsidian, was imported from area some 300 kilometers away from eastern Slovakia and northern Hungaria.
Second group was represented by cut stone tools. Even before start of research on the surface were found stone axes and drilled axe-hammers, but also half made unfinished products. These tools were made mostly from the slate. During the research were found only several fragments of these tools, and actually some had marks of usage even when they were already broken and unsuitable for chopping.
Last group encompassed different grinding stones, some kind of ancient mills for grinding of grains and other crops. There was large number of these in this settlement, which is a testimony about their frequent use. These stones must have been indispensable part of work of ancient farmers, who were to large extent dependent on harvest from cultivation of the land.

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